Sound Effects/Run Audio FX

Sound effects are available for most shows on our website.  For most MSC and Center X Shows, the files are delivered at no additional charge as a Run Audio FX app file (requires purchase of app subscription) or $100 for separated sound files.* Availability/cost for sound effects or narration varies with each publisher/partner on our site. 

For more information about Run Audio Fx, visit and test drive the app for free!! This is a completely customizable and powerful app that can work with any sound effect/file (yes, you can upload your own files into the program)! You can use it with your existing sound system (including self-powered wired or bluetooth connections), by touch, with midi keyboard (full-control without touching the iOs device),  and hundreds of sound effects are included with the purchase of a once-a-year subscription!

After you set up your show/soundboard, you save the entire RAFX Soundboard or "show" in a cloud service, or e-mail the file to yourself or collaborators on the project that havre RAFX. This way, if you have to reset the iOs device or get a new one, you can easily upload the file again and be up and running in a few seconds. Try doing that with a computer, its software, and additional hardware've all witnessed that pre-show nightmare at least one time in your careers! 

Save thousands on unnecessary additional equipment to deliver high-quality, non-compressed sound files in any performance situation.  

*If you have any questions about sound effects being available for a show, please message us: or call: 800-356-4381