• MSC has been designing Custom Drill for over 30 years.
• We highlight your program’s strengths with creative and well thought-out design.
• Our expert design team writes to your particular situation and expectations in mind.
• With your collaboration we will stage the instruments for success, enable the students to ACHIEVE the drill, without design errors.
• MSC custom drill design fits your band’s numbers precisely and allows for “specialty” sections, solo or features to be highlighted.
• It is specifically written to your needs, requests, expectations, level of expertise and most importantly your valuable teaching time. You won’t have to worry about spending extra time adapting drill or adjusting after the fact!
• We work to tailor the design to your band’s exact needs regarding demand, length of phrase, staging, integration and step-size. For example; you may have a weak trumpet section this season, or you have a balance problems because you don’t have enough Low Brass. We will stage the drill in a way to over these issues.
Looking to add props or special effects, this will all be covered in our pre-consultations to ensure your design is tailored to your situation.
Costs: The costs for a Custom Drill varies with each band situation. Every band is different and require different amount of time and energy to create the desired show, so to determine the actual cost we require further consultation on a case-by-case basis. Generally however, the size of your group, the difficulty and the time demand require to provide you with your design are major factors in determining the cost.
How to get Started..
Fill out the form and we will email you asap...also check back often as our website will be going through major changes in the following week!