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Our working title is "Celebration Megamix" but you are welcome to make up your own title as well!

The drill has 13 sets and is about 3-4 minutes long (depending on which optional music cuts or repeats you take). 

The wind sizes will be from 16 to 100 winds in increments of 4 (16, 20, 24, and so on) and it is designed using a 6-foot interval as much as possible for social distancing on the field.  

The show package will include flag and rifle choreography – one version uses a standard size pole and the other version utilizes a shorter swing flag in case students must learn the work at home and there is not enough room. 

There are also wind/percussion visuals for just about every set of drill that will also be on video.

The music is a custom hybrid show of Holiday (Green Day), Viva la Vida (Coldplay) and On the Floor (J-Lo from Playlist Dance Mix)! These arrangements are by some of the best in the business: Jay Dawson and Tom Wallace! 

We also offer Pyware © files and more than one size at no additional price so you can see what size works best for your group...OR...if your groups size changes weekly, as it most likely will. 

Edit 7-27-2020 at 4:44pm cst:

For customers who have purchased a show from us this year, the $795 won't be due until next year.  (2021)

For any group that needs help financially (no matter where or who you purchased your music or drill), we will divert $495 of the show to not be due until next year as well. The $300 due this year will cover the music.  

Adaptations to your numbers is $3 per marcher, minimum of $300. Please contact us to get that set up! We can also take your order over the phone as well!

And as always, If you have any questions, please feel to reach out to us!




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