Where There's Smoke - Open Class - 6 to 5

  • Where There's Smoke - Open Class - 6 to 5

Where There's Smoke - Open Class - 6 to 5



"Where there's smoke...There's Fire!"

Where There's Smoke... follows the harrowing tale of a team of firefighters battling an out of control blaze in the middle of the forest.  The show is broken up into 3 major segments.  Segment 1 deals with the actual battling of the forest fire: Extraordinarily intense and aggressive, this segment will draw the audience in right away and keep them engaged throughout the entire story.  Segment 2 is driven by the front ensemble expressing a somber mood that deals with the aftermath and the devastation.  Can the community rebuild?  Will things ever be the same?  The movement then segues into a snare moment that is accompanied by bright and major harmonies as well as visually bright colors.  Segment 3 represents a new growth and rebirth in the forest as the town gathers together and rebuilds from the devastation.  Vocal samples in this final movement illustrate the point with the following text:

We will rebuild
We will replace
We will be strong
Our hearts full of grace

With a dark to light progression that's accessible to the audience and judging community, as well as entertaining music and sound design, this show will be successful for any winter percussion program.   

Total Performance Time: 4:41

Tempo Range (in BPM): 80. 90, 100, 108, 126, 160, 172