Under The Big Top (Gr. 5)(8m48s)(59 sets)

  • Under The Big Top (Gr. 5)(8m48s)(59 sets) - Marching Show Concepts

Under The Big Top (Gr. 5)(8m48s)(59 sets)



Music Files Below (left click to listen, right click to download).

1. Side Shows, Rides and Grand Entry
2. Three Rings of Daring Feats
3. Jugglers, Tumblers and Acrobats
4. Clowns, Magic and Grand Finale

**The drill for this show is in PDF format only.  There are NO Pyware files available. Please check for available sizes**

These timeless shows remain in our catalog because of their popularity and audience appeal. Although these shows were written many years ago, they continue to prove to be very successful for many bands looking for a great show that is easy to put together that still have the quality impact of a professional production! These shows may not be suited for the highly competitive program that is looking for that "unique" edge! However, they are very well suited for the band program that does not have a large budget but is looking for a professionally written show that is easy to teach and offers the enjoyment qualities of a great marching band production created by leading experts within the industry!

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