Koto (Grade 3+)

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Koto (Grade 3+)



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1.  Sakura
2.  Matsuri
3.  Myaku
4.  Koto

5. Full Show with Sound FX

Composer:  Andrew Yozviak, Dan Delong
Total Time:  7:39

Andy Yozviak has traveled to the Land of the Rising Sun to present us with his latest masterpiece, "Koto". Simulated Koto drumming is at the heart of this show and is incorporated in each movement. In "Sakura", the opening mallet parts are contrasted by the rising theme of the folk song's melody which represents the Rising Sun. "Matsuri" is a festival or celebration and has a driving tempo. "Myaku" contains solos for numerous instruments. The Koto drums take on a singular importance in this movement as they are the underlying pulse that drives the rest of the music. The final movement, "Koto", is rhythmic and driving and includes a challenging drum solo, which is followed by an ending that summarizes the show's various themes. Both the woodwind and percussion parts contain challenging rhythms and runs that will require mastery. "Immerse your performers and audience in a memorable cultural event with "Koto"!