Why choose a custom drill show?

It's challenging work to create a drill show that meets all your criteria. If you're not a seasoned drill writer, you can often feel limited in your selection and how you can work with the material to fit your needs. While it may seem significantly easier to select a pre-packaged show that's ready to be taught and performed, there are a lot of reasons to consider custom designing a drill show for your band.

Create stunning visual effects for competition

One of the challenges of drill writing is bringing a vision to life. You probably have some great ideas about what you'd like your drill show to look like but don't have the tools or know-how to execute it. With the help of an experienced writer, you can work to develop concepts and visuals that meet these goals and expectations. According to Marching Channel, it's extremely important to consider your audience when designing your drill show. If your band is headed to competition, judges will be your target audience, and they are constantly looking for that "something extra" in the visual aspect of your show. When creating your show alongside a drill writer, you're able to diligently consider how judges will score your piece and design it accordingly.

Match your band's strengths and weaknesses

When working with drill designers to build a show, you're getting the unique opportunity to create a show that matches the skill level of your band. As a director, nobody knows your band better than you do, and while pre-packaged shows can be graded for different levels, custom designing a show allows you to grade different sections of the show based on your band's strengths and weaknesses. This means you can handpick and customize the music and choreography to match your needs.

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