What makes good pair of marching band shoes?


We've previously discussed the importance of providing supportive and comfortable shoes to help your marching band succeed. As a band director, you're often choosing these essential accessories or advising your musicians to make that selection themselves. Do you know how to identify a good pair of shoes for your band or help others do the same? Here are a few tips:

1. They fit well
If you're advising your musicians on finding the right pair of shoes, stress the fact that they need to try them on and make sure they fit perfectly before buying. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters and other types of discomfort that will prevent them from performing their best.

2. They're designed for walking
If you're thinking about it in terms of shoes, marching routines are just long walks, so your footwear should be designed for that need, as Aaron Lindstrom, a trombone player in the University of Montana Marching Band, told Halftime Magazine.

"[You need] something you can make sure you can walk in for up to seven miles," Lindstrom explained. "Basically, something that will accommodate you for a long walk."

A row of marching band shoes.Good marching shoes should be designed to handle the demand of long walks.

3. They're good quality
Shoes are so important to marching that it's one of the few things you never want to cut corners on in your budget. When in doubt, look for the best quality shoes. There are plenty made specifically for marching bands that can make your decision much simpler.

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