Prevent hearing loss to improve your performance

Being surrounded by loud noise is an unavoidable occupational hazard of working with marching band music, but that doesn't mean that hearing loss is inevitable. After all, what are marching band directors or musicians without their hearing? If you don't already, you should definitely consider preventive measures to preserve your hearing and stop any damage to your ears; they are your most important tool!

First and foremost, you must recognize the symptoms of possible noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Since hearing loss can be subtle, oftentimes people with NIHL may not even know that their hearing has been damaged. A hearing test can detect symptoms, but if you find that your hearing is in any way muffled, that you're constantly asking people to repeat themselves in conversation, or you experience any tinnitus, a ringing or beeping in the ear, it's time to start taking better care of your ears. Unfortunately, there aren't any surgical or medical ways to reverse already damaged hearing and sometimes hearing aids are necessary to compensate for that loss. Knowing this, if your hearing isn't already damaged, you should absolutely thank your lucky stars and start taking care of this vital instrument.

To start taking the necessary preventive measures, wear noise-reducing headphones or earplugs while on the job. Additionally, be sure to give your ears a rest from the constant bombardment of loud noise and allow yourself some quiet time. If you suspect your ears have already sustained damage, see a specialist and discuss how to best care for your ears. Knowing how well you can or can't hear can improve not only your care techniques but also your overall performance and abilities as a director or musician.

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