Preparing your transition to indoor drum line season

Though fall football games are currently keeping marching bands busy, warm days are dwindling and outdoor performance season will soon come to an end. For the drum line, though, this only means that indoor season is about to begin. As we approach the winter season, transition a drum line from marching in field shows to sheltered performances by applying a lot of the shared values between the two seasons.

Before you break out your indoor percussion products, it's important to make thoughtful selections in planning and creating your indoor show. Make sure your show is appropriate not only for your musicians' skill levels but also for your budget and indoor space. Selecting new, refreshed performances for winter can help generate excitement for the season. 

Competing is a large part of the winter drum line community and can benefit your drum line immensely. "Competition has helped us set new standards within our program," Daniel P. Fyffe, the director of bands for Franklin Central High School in Indiana, wrote for "Preparing compositions for competition has taken us further than preparing compositions for a performance for the 'home folk.'"

Competing allows your indoor drum line to travel and show their skills to judges and spectators state or nationwide. Since competitions are frequent, taking place almost every weekend from January to April, there is ample opportunity to flex your drum line's strengths and hone in on their skills for indoor performance.

Of course, whether it's indoor or outdoor performance season, it's always important to maximize your rehearsal time. In order to accomplish this, you must focus the allotted rehearsal time and reduce all distractions. Additionally, motivate your performers and remind them of the values and goals of the indoor drum line.

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