Last-minute prep for marching band


Time often works against you when you're a band director. With so much to do, it's seemingly impossible to get ahead of your work. If you've put off a task or a few, don't worry. Here are some last-minute preparations you can make to get your marching band ready for the season:

Taking notes
If you've been so busy that you haven't really had the chance to sit awhile and absorb all you've done, this can be a great final step to prepare for your upcoming season. Whatever notes you take or thoughts you have can help you next year when you get to go through this process all over again.

A person crumpling up notebook paper.Use this time to get organized by taking notes.

Delegating work
With a lot on your plate, delegating some of your work can help you move more efficiently as you enter the marching season. Figure out what tasks could be completed with some help or by someone else entirely. However, keep in mind that you're the director, and you still retain responsibility for any of this work.

Selecting a show
While this seems like too huge of a task to procrastinate, it's possible that you've needed more time to brainstorm or come up with a budget. If you're at this point, don't fret. You're still in a position to find the perfect arrangement for your band. At Marching Show Concepts, we have an array of complete field shows designed in impressive quality that are ready for your selection.

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