How to “wow” with your field formations

Field formations have become admirably extravagant, and all the best marching bands try to go above and beyond when it comes to creating stunning visual effects in their performances. Just looking at some of the most popular clips on YouTube, you see that marching band has come a long way from traditional military style. How can you apply these ideas to your own field formations?

Go for a big moment

According to Halftime Magazine, drill design has become theatrical and a much clearer reflection of the accompanying music. Another differentiating detail is the emphasis on "show-stopping moments." For today's marching bands, the challenge is to be as entertaining as possible.

Take Ohio State University's marching band for example. The band has had numerous unforgettable performances, notably one where the band was able to form its own moon walking Michael Jackson in a tribute to the late artist. That video has accumulated over 11 million views on YouTube. Ohio State's "big moment" surely paid off for them, garnering recognition far outside the marching band community.

"Choosing a unique design is the simplest way to stand out."

While this type of entertainment in marching band is mostly seen at a college level, it's become more prevalent with competition-driven bands, like high schools and corps.

Dare to be different

Whether you design a drill that is more abstract or something that calls on your band's identity, choosing something unique is the simplest way to stand out.

While making recognizable shapes has become a popular way for bands to entertain audiences and gain recognition, some drill designers choose to create shows that opt for looser formations, calling instead on certain moods or visual effects than concrete shapes.

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