How to prepare for band camp


Band camp is an important part of getting ready for marching band season, but requires a bit of preparation itself. To help you get through the long hours of practicing in the heat, here are some band camp survival tips:

Get the right equipment
Before you head off to camp, you'll need to make sure you have the supplies to get you through. This includes a water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the day, sunscreen to protect your skin and proper footwear. You may also want to bring note-taking materials so you can keep track of what you learn.

Eat well
You'll need a lot of energy to sustain yourself band camp, so spend the summer days leading up to your arrival by eating nutritionally balanced meals. Maintain this habit throughout your time at camp as well.

Running is a great workout to prep for band camp.Running is a great workout to prep for band camp.

Exercise and train your body
You'll also want to spend your time before band camp getting into a solid fitness routine. Days at camp will be long and challenging, but you'll feel ready if you get plenty of exercise. Be sure to include stretches in your routine.

Mark D'Angelo, a band director from Michigan, outlined one "conditioning" strategy for musicians, which includes leg and back stretches, mile-long runs, push-ups and sit-ups.

Practice as much as possible
You might be a little rusty with your instrument before starting band camp. To make sure you play your best and get a lot out of the experience, spend time practicing and make sure everything is working properly.

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