How to make sure you put on a great show


When you close your eyes and imagine a great show, what do you see? Is it flashy? Is it wowing the crowd? The truth is, you don't necessarily need a shocking, stellar performance to be the best. Most likely, the test of a great show will always come down to the skills and commitment of your band. Here are two important ways to refine these aspects to make sure you're putting on your best show every time:

"Taking the time to address these concerns can make a huge difference."

Decide what needs improving
Before you work on your band, you'll need to decide what needs help in the first place. Make a list of skills or techniques that need extra time and practice, then create a schedule to help you achieve these goals. Whether they're general musical abilities or problem areas in a specific show, taking the time to address these concerns can make a huge difference.

Listen to your musicians
Another way to get your band in top shape is by opening up communication. If you're not doing this already, give your musicians the space to come to you with specific concerns. They can tell you what they personally need help with, and you can offer guidance on how to solve that issue. After all, your band is only as good as its weakest musician.

On the other hand, it's important to listen to your musicians when they play. Taking the time to critically listen to each individual part can help you identify problem spots or assess how your group is progressing.

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