How to create a unique marching show


One of the challenges of selecting a show for your marching band is making sure your group stands out among others. This means creating a unique experience for your band and audience. We have a few tips to help you make sure your show doesn't feel like the rest.

"Think as creatively as possible."

Find the right concept
The show's theme or concept is its basis. This means that if you think out of the box for this aspect of your show, you're in a great position to end up with a distinguished production. Start with a broad idea and then break it down into subcategories. Think of how you can use props and other visuals to convey the message. For each of these steps, think as creatively as possible.

Use your band's identity
No other band comes from your school or has the same group of musicians. That, in itself, gives you a unique point to jump off of when you build your show. Call on these details of your band's identity when thinking of your theme, selecting your visual components and working out your choreography.

Custom design it
No show can be as unique as the one that comes entirely from your own mind. Even if you have certain limitations, like arranging or choreographing, you can collaborate with other professionals to help bring your vision to life. Often, directors select completely designed shows out of convenience, and while you can still potentially guarantee a unique show for that competition season, you can always take it a step further.

For more tips and techniques, as well as stunning custom designed and complete field shows by some of the best drill writers, arrangers and choreographers, contact Marching Show Concepts today!