How to choose the best drill show for your marching band

The details of what makes a great drill show can be interchangeable, depending on your marching band. There are, however, a few universal truths when it comes to selecting a drill show design fit for your ensemble.

The first has to do with music. Music selection in itself is a challenging task, but when considering the music and concept for your drill show, the difficulty intensifies. A good drill show will interpret the music accompanying it, creating a marriage between the sonic and visual and encompassing all the makings of a cohesive drill show. When deciding, keep in mind the skill level of your ensemble as well as your goals for them. The music selection should present a challenge while still highlighting the band's talents.

The same is true for the design of your drill. Your choreography shouldn't been too easy, because this is an opportunity for your group to grow and reflect upon themselves as marching band musicians. You should prioritize your band over the audience during your drill show decision, as Scott Kurtzweil suggests for By this, Kurtzweil means that the needs and talents of your ensemble should supersede whatever selection would be considered a "crowd pleaser."

As a final tip, a good drill show will make the best use of the space. So, when making your choice, have the venue in mind and work with it. How can you fill that space or take advantage of it in your show?

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