How to better organize your show planning


With all the planning that goes into selecting and creating a marching band show, it's never too soon to start. However, it can be hard to organize yourself so far in advance with a long to-do list and a lot of ideas to work with. Here, we discuss some handy tips to help you strategize your year right now:

"Create a calendar of important dates and set weekly goals."

Create a calendar
To enter competitions, you'll have to follow certain deadlines, which can be difficult to keep track of without a schedule. So you can visualize what you'll need to do and when, create a calendar of important dates and set weekly goals for yourself.

Collaborate with others
The last thing you might want to do is bring other people into this stage of your organizing, but making sure you're on the same page as the right people can help you plan better. Sometimes, according to, all this can mean is having a general meeting to discuss ideas or review goals for the upcoming season.

Select your show ahead of time
To get ahead of the competition and map out the rest of your year, you'll want to select your show as soon as possible. Once you have this planned, the rest can easily fall into place. Start by thinking about what themes you want your band to tackle this year and how to portray them in a show.

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