How improving your memory can affect your marching

If you're struggling to remember every step in your field show choreography, all your cues or music notes, your memory could be lacking due to certain aspects of your daily routine. Making small changes can help improve your memory, which in turn can determine how well you perform in marching band.

Of course sleep is important to a marching band musician for so many reasons, but did you know that getting a good night's rest can mean improving your memory? More sleep means more time for your brain to rest and absorb all the information it learned that day. If you're feeling lost during rehearsals or inexplicably missing steps, it could be due to lack of proper sleep. Be sure to get yourself on a schedule with a consistent bedtime to make sure that you're getting enough hours of shut eye and REM cycle. Your brain, and your band director, will thank you!

Research shows that physical activity can improve your brain health and ability. While marching band is quite a workout, it can be all too easy to give yourself a break on days off. To have the most effective memory results from your workout, make sure to keep yourself on a consistent exercise schedule. So on days when you don't have rehearsal or a show, make some time for exercise to keep your body and your memory in top shape.

If you're having a particular struggle with memorizing your sheet music, employ memory techniques to help the material stick better. Some experts suggest mentally attaching imagery to pieces to help strengthen your recollection of them. You can assign visual cues to each line or different sections and picturing them at show time will be a quicker way to remember the part.

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