5 ways marching band makes you a better person

Marching band is a lot of hard work, but it doesn't come without a huge pay off. In fact, marching band might be one of the more rewarding experiences of your high school, college or entire life. Here are just some of the ways that marching band makes you a better person:

1. You're getting smarter because of it

Numerous studies have suggested that musicians have different brains than everybody else. A paper in the journal Neuroscience found that musical training improves memory. That's why music is often suggested as a therapy technique for patients with traumatic brain injuries because some studies have found how it can actually restructure the use of a damaged brain. Playing music in a marching band also helps with your multi-tasking ability, since you're being asked to memorize and concentrate on a few different things at once. Not to mention, learning basic music theory like rhythm, time, meter and notation gives you a great understanding of mathematical concepts.

2. You learn the value of teamwork

A marching band would falter without the emphasis on teamwork. It requires a large group of people to accomplish something as one, and that is no easy feat. It shows you just how important an individual contribution is to the overall product. If one person isn't carrying his or her weight, that weakens the rest of the band. Plus, with the amount of time you spend around your band, you're not only learning the benefits of working with others, you're working through the challenges of it too. Teamwork is an integral part of most working environments, so having marching band on your resume looks great to employers because it signifies that you know the value of collaboration.

Learning the value of teamwork from marching band can help you in most professional environments.Learning the value of teamwork from marching band can help you in most professional environments.

3. You get a killer workout

Through all that marching, instrument carrying, breath control and posture maintenance, marching band strengthens so many of your muscles that it's one of the best workouts. With all the rehearsing and performing required of you, you're also building up endurance.

4. You know how to work hard

"Because of marching band, you know how much hard work can pay off and how good achievement feels."

Speaking of all that rehearsing and performing, not only are you perfecting your routine, you're also getting a major life lesson in hard work and perseverance. Marching band musicians have a different life than other kids. You sacrifice a lot of your free time to rehearse with your band, play sporting events and competitions as well as to master your instrument, so much of your life is focused on this activity. Because of all this time devoted to marching band, you also know how much hard work can pay off and how good achievement feels. That's a valuable lesson that will never go to waste.

5. You're on a path to success

Some really famous people got their start in marching band. Musicians like Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, Lionel Richie, Steven Tyler and Gloria Estefan played in their high school marching bands and have undoubtedly applied many of these benefits to succeed in their current careers. Even TV and film favorites like Tina Fey and Steven Spielberg marched, playing the flute and clarinet respectively, showing that marching band can possibly set you up for a future in Hollywood. Even if you aren't destined for the lifestyle of the rich and famous, everything you learn from marching band is applicable to any career you choose, and you're certainly better for having been a part of it.

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