5 reasons to choose a complete drill show

As a band director, your agenda is overflowing with responsibilities. You have so much to do and seemingly no time to do it. One way to take a huge chunk off your plate is by choosing a marching band package show for your upcoming season. If you're not already convinced, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider complete shows for your band:


Why buy Music, Drill Design and Choreography separately when you could get them all together? Not only does that guarantee a cohesive show developed by experienced designers,  it helps save you a lot of money. Buying these components separately is expensive and requires extra work on your end. Save yourself the unnecessary expenses and go for a packaged show.


Regardless of the show you choose, all shows packaged by Marching Show Concepts and Center X Productions are composed by seasoned drill writers and arrangers. These shows are made with quality in mind and employ the best available talent to bring them to life.


Not only are these shows built for quality, they're designed to be adjusted to your band's skill level, so your selection is made even simpler. This eases one of the most difficult aspects of writing a drill show: ensuring your selection shows your band's skills while also providing an opportunity for them to grow. You can also work directly with the company to build a show that's unique to your needs and ambitions.

Competition circuit exclusivity

When you purchase a complete show from Marching Show Concepts or Center X Productions, you're not only receiving quality in terms of music, drill and choreography, you're also getting a guarantee that the package is only being sold to you and not to your competitors as well. This gives you the peace of mind that your show will be completely unique. This guarantee is included in the price of the show, too, so you don't have to pay extra for this perk.

Everything you need

When these packages promise "complete," they deliver. You get all the materials you need, with the option to obtain more, to help your band learn the show.

To get your marching band ready for competition, visit Center X Productions or Marching Show Concepts today. Our stunning, complete show and/or custom-designed field shows are sure to give your band the "X" factor.