4 ways to maintain your indoor percussion instruments: Part One

Percussion instruments take a pounding throughout the year, so it's important to keep them well maintained. While it's hard work to preserve them, it'll save your program a lot of money if you make sure they continuously run smoothly. Doing so will prevent you from having to purchase new equipment at top dollar midway through the season.

There are many different types of percussion instruments and each must be cared for in its own way. In this two-part series, we'll cover some of the more widely used instruments while also exploring some general best-practice maintenance tips you can use for all equipment types:

1. Take into account the environment

Whether you leave your instrument at school or take it home with you, it's important to store the equipment in a cool, dry environment. Extreme temperatures can cause the instruments to morph, making them completely useless. For example, high temperatures and moisture levels can cause wood drum shells and mallet percussion bars to suddenly expand. This can cause the drums to crack.

2. Always clean the instruments

How often do you clean your equipment? It's important to fully clean each drum at the end of the season, taking the drum's heads off, cleaning the inside and lubricating before reassembling. During the season, always make sure to wipe down and polish the drums. However, don't use too much solution to prevent streaking and marks. You'll be buffing this out later anyway.

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