4 ways choosing a field show is like buying a home


It's that time of year to start selecting your band's field show for the fall. Simultaneously, it's also the time of year where real estate activity picks up speed. It got us thinking: Isn't choosing a field show a lot like buying a home? While the decision isn't as permanent, you and your band will be working with this show for a decent amount of time. You could argue you're practically living in it. More so, they're both choices that require a considerable amount of planning and thought. Here are some of the other ways they're similar:

1. Considering size
Just as you would factor the size of your family into your house selection, you will do the same for your show. Certain routines don't fit bands of every size, so it's important to think about what works for the number of musicians you have. This goes for both sheet music and choreography selections.

"Having eyes bigger than your wallet can be a huge mistake."

2. Adhering to a budget
When it comes to real estate, having eyes bigger than your wallet can be a huge mistake. The same goes for field shows. You don't need to spend extravagant amounts to reach your goals. Plan out your budget and priorities so you know where it's worth spending money, and where it's a waste of resources.

3. Thinking forward
Buying a home doesn't mean you're married to every one of its details, and selecting a field show means the same. You can "renovate" certain aspects to better fit your wants and needs, especially if you opt for a custom-designed show.

4. Knowing what you want
Going into a house hunt without a vision will only delay the process, and the same principle applies to choosing a field show. However, don't go into it with too many specifics – that can severely limit your options. Instead, have a general idea of what you'd like your show to be

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