4 show ideas that will captivate your audience: Part 1


One of the biggest challenges in marching band is entertaining a crowd. Plus, if your audience is not there to see a marching band (which can happen often at games) that task is even harder. However, it's far from impossible. In part one of this series, we'll discuss the first two ways you can create a crowd-pleasing field show:

1. Recognizable songs
One easy way to captivate your audience is by choosing music that they recognize. You can choose current hits, old favorites or a medley of selections from a distinguished artist. There are some caveats to this strategy to keep in mind, though. You'll need to make sure that the material can be adjusted to fit your band's skills and sound. You'll also need to be sure you're going through the right channels to obtain the license for the song so you don't run into any legal troubles.

An old radio on top of a wooden table.You can bring back some old radio hits to entertain your audience.

2. Themes from pop culture
In the same way that audiences love to see marching bands interpret songs they know, they also enjoy references to pop culture. It helps them better connect with the material, so it's an easy way to engage your audience. Taking themes from movies, video games or current events are the usual ways that marching bands call on pop culture to connect with a crowd. One advantage of using this method is that you'll have some inherent visuals to work with.

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