4 important steps in selecting a show for your band


It's getting to that time of year when most band directors have selected shows for the upcoming season and are crafting a rehearsal schedule to help their band master it. If you're lagging a little behind, don't worry. With these four essential steps in selecting a show, you can still find killer arrangements and choreography to have your band wow crowds and judges alike:

1. Know your band's identity
Every band has its own unique identity, whether that comes from a certain style or the school or town you play for. When choosing your show, don't ignore this aspect of your band. Creating a cohesive personality helps your group become more memorable, which can be a huge plus in competition.

2. Understand what skills need improving
Don't forget that you'll also need to think about how this show will help your band work on certain skills. Performing a show should be an educational experience as much as a competitive one, so make sure the arrangements you're considering offer your musicians the chance to learn something new or improve a skill they already know. Don't get too ambitious though – you should only introduce new concepts when your band is ready for it, and when it fits your rehearsal schedule.

Man playing trumpet.The right show will help your musicians improve on or learn new skills.

3. Choose an appropriate theme
Finding a show doesn't have to be too complicated. In fact, it can be relatively simple if you have a theme in mind. Starting with a concept, especially a broad one, can help you come up with ideas for connecting visuals and sounds and creating an experience for your audience.

A little extra brainstorming can cut down on the amount of time you'll spend sifting through shows and help you get to the right production sooner. Additionally, you can ensure that your ideas are appropriate not only for your band, but also for the people they'll be playing for, like your hometown or for judges at competition.

4. Fit your budget
Finally, keep your budget in mind. Having financial restrictions doesn't always mean that you can't get the best show for your band. There are plenty of ways to make the show of your dreams an affordable reality for you. A little research on that end goes a long way!

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