3 things to remind your marching band before performing

Performing in a marching band is hard work. Not only do you have to learn the proper notes and steps, but you must also know how to prepare before the event.

Here are three things a director should remind his or her band prior to performing:

1. Go over the fundamentals

If you've designed a complex routine, it may seem tempting to go through its most confusing parts right before the show. However, you could take a different approach to help calm the nerves of some younger performers. Instead, walk through the fundamentals like marching 8/5 in a block. Some of these basic steps are building blocks to your more complex concepts, so it's important to ensure the marching band perfects these first.

2. Proper uniforms

It sounds basic: "Wear the correct clothing while performing." However, this rule goes back to the precedent set in this article, which is to rehearse the fundamentals. By mid-season, your marching band should understand the dos and don'ts of proper band attire. In fact, by the end of camp they should have these guidelines down pat. However, it's always a good idea to remind them right before their first performance anyway.

Further, if you have multifaceted routines that require changing in and out of different outfits during spots, it's important to review what the band should wear. For example, if it's a somber performance, you might suggest performers to leave jewelry at home.

3. Eating and hydration

You and your band should drink lots of water the night before and the morning of the performance. Ensure your members also eat a healthy breakfast and forgo eating dairy products because they may make musicians sick if they are in the hot sun.

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