3 essential time management tips for band directors


Have you ever thought your job would be easier if you were an octopus? Wishing you had eight arms to multitask and make sure everything gets done within the necessary timeframe? If so, you need to hear the following three time management tips to get you ready for the upcoming season:

1. Keep everything in one place
Organization is essential to time management. If you have papers, calendars and other important items scattered in different locations, you're making it even more challenging to stay on top of important deadlines and manage your responsibilities. It's better to keep everything together with a system in place so you know exactly where things are and how to access them. If you have a smartphone, tablet or other such device, use these tools to help you organize everything and streamline your daily process.

Picture of a blank calendar.As a band director, you should have one calendar for all important dates and deadlines.

2. Make the most of your time
Whether it's your own or that of your musician's, treat time as the precious currency that it is. Don't waste any of it on tasks that aren't a priority, especially in rehearsal where each minute counts. Gretta Sandberg, a string orchestra director, told the National Association for Music Education that her rule of thumb is limiting announcements to no more than three.

"After about ten minutes of scales, it's time for announcements, but make it short and sweet," she said. "Here's the time that you can lose your students."

3. Do it now, not later
Procrastination is the biggest sin in time management, and it won't do you any favors if you want to set your band up to succeed. Writing for Smart Music, former music educator Kay Hawley said that it's important for directors to develop a "do it now" attitude, which will enable you to complete important tasks as soon as possible.

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