2 ways to prepare for a marching band competition

Band directors spend hours, days and months prepping their marching band for competitions. It takes a lot of hard work, but everything can unravel quickly  if they don't prepare properly beforehand.

Here are two critical steps your marching band must take before stepping onto the field.

1. Restate expectations

Leading up to the event, you've gone over everything from the dynamics of playing in the venue to figuring out your opening and ending numbers. You've determined how best to arrange musicians and taught your group about the importance of proper posture, transitioning and focus.

Now, recap everything.

2. Eat properly

About a week before the performance, remind band members to eat and drink correctly. The three or four days prior to the show are crucial to their ability to perform up to a high standard. Proper nutrition can prevent leg fatigue.

Suggest that performers eat foods high in glycogen, which is a form of sugar stored in the muscles and regularly used during high-intensity sports. Also, it's vital musicians drink water before competing. Water will help the body store glycogen, and the more the body retains, the more energy it can produce.

Now it's time to bring everything together. With the right balance of reviewing past skills and preparing a proper diet, your marching band will perform its best at your next competition.