2 types clothing to wear during late season band performances

At this point in the season, the weather during the day is either oppressive or perfect depending on where you are in the country. While most in the northern portion of the U.S. aren't worrying about the cold just yet, it'll be here before they know it.

Ensembles playing in colder states should prepare now and purchase the correct cool-weather clothes. This will ensure they aren't stressing out later in the season when many of these items will be in high demand and sold out. Here are two types of clothing that are vital to keeping band members warm during windy or rainy weather:

1. Bottom and top layers

Top layers should be comfortable, warm and easy to move in. After all, uniforms will have to be worn over them. Forgo cotton as it retains water, which will actually make musicians colder. Suggest they wear an outer layer that is breathable, allowing perspiration to easily escape the body while also regulating body temperature.

Merino wool, made popular by brands such as SmartWool or Icebreaker, is a great top-layer material. You could also ask that members purchase synthetic fabrics such as those made by Polartec which retain heat in similar ways.

2. Fingers

Fingers are especially susceptible to the the cold northern winters because they are far away from the heart. This is something to be particularly mindful of because your musician's fingers will be exposed while they play their instruments. And they won't be able to keep their hands resting in warm pockets like audience members.

In very extreme cases, hypothermia may set in. When the core body temperature drops below 95 F, early signs of hypothermia may appear, which include difficulties moving the fingers or struggling to coordinate movement. This will not only severely affect one's ability to play an instrument, but could also have long-term ramifications on one's health.

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